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The tale of the
Black Friday Lock-In

Poor Tom.  It was Black Friday in year two of the Backyard Ale House, our good Friend Tom was entertaining the masses as he does so well.  It was all going great until the time he took a set break and wandered over to the vacant Bagel Shop space that is now the Backyard Bottleshop.  

After a quick stop in the restroom Tom found himself alone, what's more all of the doors were locked.  They would remain locked for what probably felt like an eternity to Tom (perhaps 1-1/2hours).  He made several desperate attempts to escape unsuccessfully.  He even tried calling Backyard Owner Tony, who was at home that night snuggled cozy in bed.  Tom pleaded to Tony to come set him free, but Tony, who assumed it was a joke, laughed, hung up, and went back to sleep, leaving poor Tom for dead.  It was at this point that Tom began to resemble Billy Hayes from 'Midnight Express'.

 It wasn't until one of the bartenders took notice to the unusually long set break that Tom was taking that someone went looking for him.  Fortunately, he was found and set free and the show went on.  The only solace that Tom could take from the experience was that he was locked-in with our back-up supply of beer, so he was able to stay well hydrated during his ordeal.

Tom, Thanks for sticking with us all these years later buddy, lesser men would've bailed on us long ago.