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10th Annual Chili Cook-Off

A Fall Fest tradition.  This featured event since our very first year has always brought out some amazingly talented cooks.  Chili is food is a comfort food of the highest order and people's interpretation of what makes a good chili is as diverse as the ingredients our contestants use to make them.  We look forward to another year of great entries!


at 2:00pm




  • 1st Place Backyard Choice:   Gold Medal & $150 Backyard Gift Card

  • 1st Place People’s Choice:   Gold Medal & $150 Backyard Gift Card

  • 2nd Place Backyard Choice:   $75 Backyard Ale House Gift

  • 2nd Place People’s Choice:   $75 Backyard Ale House Gift

Entry Rules:

  • There is no Registration fee for this Event.

  • Entrants must prepare at least Four (4) Quarts of their Homemade Chili.

  • Entrants must deliver their pre-cooked Homemade Chili in a disposable container no later than 12:30pm on the date of the cook-off.

  • We cannot guarantee that any contestant who brings their Chili in Tupperware will have the Tupperware returned to them.

  • The Backyard Ale House will supply chafing pans and chafing fuel to maintain the Chili temperature, however Entrants should deliver the Chili already heated to temperature to ensure that it is ready for the start of the competition.

  • The Backyard Ale House will supply all serving spoons, accouterments and sides (ie. Shredded Cheddar Cheese, Sour Cream & Jalapeños) for the Chili.  Please let us know in advance if there are any other side condiments you would like us to provide that would compliment your chili.

  • In an effort to maintain anonymity and fairness once the Backyard Ale House Staff sets out your Chili we ask that you allow your Chili to do the talking.  We discourage any outward campaigning or doctoring-up of your Chili once it has been placed.